Upgrade to Windows 8.1 – Laptop and Tablet

Yesterday, directly after the new OS Version was available, I started the download.
Unfortunately it took some time, as Microsoft Servers seemed to be a little bit overloaded.

Anyway, after half a day I had the update on ready for install on my Laptop and my Tablet.
First I have to say, my Laptop is was running Windows 8 Enterprise, so the update procedure was a little different:

  1. Download the ISO image from the Volume Licensing Portal
  2. Suspend Bitlocker Drive Encryption for Partition C:\
  3. Start the installation within Windows (I used a USB-Stick*, as I was not sure if it would work in case I just mounted the ISO)
  4. I was going through the Wizard, which told me that all my Apps will be lost (ok, so my Laptop would be faster)
  5. After pressing the finish button, it took like 30min to install Windows 8.1
  6. My settings and files (Domain Account, Windows Account, Personal Files and even installed security certificates) have been preserved.
  7. Now that the upgrade was done, I reinstalled Office, Antivirus, etc. and resumed the Bitlocker Drive Encryption.
  8. Easy and smooth 🙂

* The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool is available for free and still working with Windows 8.1

With my Tablet (running the 32bit Version) the upgrade was a little easier:

  1. After opening the Store, I selected the Windows 8.1 update
  2. The installation started immediately after the download finished
  3. After 30min, I got the screens with the usual questions: Agree Terms of Service, Allow Location, etc.
  4. With this installation, all settings and files have been preserved (even Desktop Apps like iTunes)
  5. Did I say before easy and smooth? It was a lie… this installation was easy and smooth!

Enjoy upgrading folks!


I'm a Systems Engineer working for an IT-Service Provider in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am specialized in Virtualization, High Availability, Storage- and Server Administration. In my free time, I like spend time with my lovely wife, to do sports like jogging and biking. I enjoy movies and a good bottle of fermented grape juice.

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