Hyper-V 3.0 and the permissions

Recently I installed the first server with Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V.

After creating the first virtual machine and a little testing, I continued with the setup. Domain join, Antivirus, the usual…

Later on I created another VM and…:
Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service Account does not have permissions to open attachment. New Virtual Machine “ABC”: failed to add device ‘Virtual Hard Disk (Virtual Machine ID xyz)’ 
General access denied error (0x800700005).

I searched for this in the internet, but found nothing. What could have caused a permission change on the service account?

Yes, Group Policies. Our standard group policies are overwriting the following settings used by Hyper-V:
Computer Configuration => Policies => Windows Settings => Security Settings => Local Policies => User Rights Assignment:

  • Act as a part of the operating system
  • Log on as a service
  • Perform volume maintenance tasks

The solution for the problem:

By the way: This is applicable to Windows 8 as well.


I'm a Systems Engineer working for an IT-Service Provider in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am specialized in Virtualization, High Availability, Storage- and Server Administration. In my free time, I like spend time with my lovely wife, to do sports like jogging and biking. I enjoy movies and a good bottle of fermented grape juice.

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4 comments on “Hyper-V 3.0 and the permissions
  1. I i am impressed by the products information about this website. There are a great deal of good methods

  2. Ed Baichtal says:

    Worked with gpupdate /force and no reboot, was searching for hours for solutions. Thank you!!!

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